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                  Nihon Kaifuku Anma

    Body work, therapeutic touch, massage are just some of the terms used to describe the restorative arts, Japanese restoration massage has been used for thousands of years and we use it in our training as well. The techniques used in our dojo are the arts taught by Professor Henry Okazaki, he believed and taught his students that the healing arts of Seifukujutsu are part of the system and were required as part of the curriculum. The formal massage is just the beginning of the healing arts training, there are many levels to learn and one can make a lifetime career of just the healing arts. Professor Okazaki earned his living as a physical therapist but was much more than that in his healing expertise and was world renowned for the results that he achieved with his patients who came from around the world for treatment. There is a huge history to be learned about this man and his impact on the world.




 The above characters are Sei (adjust) Fuku (restore) and Jutsu (technique) and together are translated as “adjustment and restoration techniques”


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